MVC Master Pages and Custom Controls

Being from WebForms background, I want to “translate” MVC terms to WebForms speak:

– MVC Partial pages –> WebForms UserControls

– MVC Layout pages –> WebForms Master pages


Partial Page example:

1. On the Shared folder, select Add Item –> MVC 3  Partial Page(Razor)



The page itself can be any CSHTML, as shown here:


2. Use this page as part of your View or Layout as below:




Layout Page example:

1. On the Shared Folder, select Add Item –> MVC3 Layout Page (Razor)


– The layout page can be any CSHTML but it needs to call @RenderBody() method somewhere.

– If you want to inherit the default layout use

@{       Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";

Here’s a sample code:



2. This layout can be used in a view by using the Layout property above.



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I'm a software consultant for Software Specialists Inc. currently working at Philips Respironics, Pittsburgh

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