TFS Move Collection


I wanted to try Windows 8 final on my spare desktop. Trouble was that I had my TFS on that machine (which I use sometimes). So I wanted to move that collection to my other newer desktop. These are the steps that worked:

Source Machine:

1. Go to TFS Admin console and detach all collections

2. Go to SQL Server and detach all TFS_ databases

3. Copy the .ldf and .mdf files to the target machine.


Target Machine:

1. Make sure TFS Server 2010 is installed

2. On SQL Server Replace  the TFS_Configuration and attach other TFS_Collection databases

3. Go to TFS admin console and attach the collections



Problem 1. Target Machine: The collection is in attaching state forever  (for more than one day).

The following steps fixed the issue.

1. Check the Application event log for errors; I got the following Warning:

TF30046: The instance information does not match. Team Foundation expected [WrongGUID] but found [CorrectGUID]. Please contact your Team Foundation Server administrator. (type DatabaseInstanceException)

I searched online and found the following solution:

2. Go to Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Application Tier\Web Services

3. Backup Web.config

4. Open Web.config and replace the [WrongGuid] in the message above with the [CorrectGuid] in the message.


6. Restart Services: Visual Studio Team Foundation Background Job Agent

7. Collections are now online.

Problem 2: There were no projects when I connected through Visual Studio!

This was baffling and I didn’t find any errors. I tried TfsConfig recover command and TfsConfig repair commands and neither helped.

I did the following query on the Tfs_DefaultCollection database:

SELECT * FROM [Tfs_DefaultCollection].[dbo].[tbl_Project]

It returned 0 rows.

I added a new project from Visual Studio and ran it again. It returned 1 row.

Then I found the issue. I had two copies of Tfs_DefaultCollection files on disk, one of them was 25MB other was 500MB. I detached the 25MB copy and attached the 500MB copy – lo and behold! My projects are back.


Problem 3: Work items are missing

Will look into this later. These are home projects and I don’t care about work items for now.

UPDATE:  Work items loaded up after 10-15 mins! Issue closed.


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I'm a software consultant for Software Specialists Inc. currently working at Philips Respironics, Pittsburgh

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