Synergy on Mac

With no UI for server, it is going to be lot of documentation read if you wanted to share your Mac’s mouse. But sharing your PC’s mouse and keyboard is a bit easier, but not straightforward if you’re a PC..

These steps did the trick.

    1. Check the name of your PC.
      1. Right-click My Computer, Properties –> Computer Name is there
      2. Let’s assume this value is “Vijay-Core7”
    2. Check the name of your Mac
      1. System Preferences –> Internet & Wireless –> Sharing
      2. Computer Name is on top. “My-Mac”. There’s a note saying it can be accessed over the network as “MacBook-2.local”
    3. Configure your Synergy Server , mac on the right, PC on the left as below


  • Download Synergy on your Mac, extract all to desktop, run following commands:


  1. sudo su
  2. <enter password>
  3. cp synergy* /usr/bin


  • Run the following command to start synergy client


  1. synergyc Vijay-Core7.local

About vijayvepa

I'm a software consultant for Software Specialists Inc. currently working at Philips Respironics, Pittsburgh

One comment

  1. vijayvepa

    NOTE: New version on Mac 10.7 has an identical user interface to windows, but it was able to only find server by IP address.

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