Good ole String Enums..

I know, kind of a misnomer, when was String enum a part of a language any way? Good ole here means, I been looking for this stuff since long time. Still it is not a part of C# 4.0 either.. I thought it was, when I looked at the EnumMember attribute but that is more for serialization stuff.. So, for now I just have to create my own infrastructure…

1. Create an Attribute

public class StringValueAttribute : Attribute
        public string StringValueForEnumMember { get; set; }

        public StringValueAttribute(string stringValueForEnumMember)
            StringValueForEnumMember = stringValueForEnumMember;

2. Look for the attribute

  public static class EnumExtensions
        public static string StringValue<T>(this T enumerationValue) where T : struct
            Type type = enumerationValue.GetType();
            if (!type.IsEnum)
                throw new ArgumentException("EnumerationValue must be of Enum type", "enumerationValue");

            //Tries to find a DescriptionAttribute for a potential friendly name
            //for the enum
            MemberInfo[] memberInfo = type.GetMember(enumerationValue.ToString());
            if (memberInfo != null && memberInfo.Length > 0)
                object[] attrs = memberInfo[0].GetCustomAttributes(typeof(StringValueAttribute), false);

                if (attrs != null && attrs.Length > 0)
                    //Pull out the description value
                    return ((StringValueAttribute)attrs[0]).StringValueForEnumMember;
            //If we have no description attribute, just return the ToString of the enum
            return enumerationValue.ToString();

3. Use the attribute

        enum Items




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