Switching Monitors without the FN Key

Here’s the case I solved today:

I have a desktop computer which I connected to two monitors which I use independently at different times. If it was a laptop I would use FN-F4 or FN-F8.. But a desktop keyboard doesn’t come with an FN Key…

  • I used “Extend these displays”, but it wastes power when I don’t use the second monitor and I still have to reach out to the second monitor for the start menu and task bar whenever I need to
  • Then I started going to display settings and using “Show display on Desktop 2 only” option. But I’ll have to run to the other monitor before it times out.
  • I searched online for NView desktop manager. Apparently it is now only supported for the Quadro GPUs.
  • Then I got UltraMon.. This one works..but there’s a few steps…
    1. Go to UltraMon tray icon->Profiles –> New
    2. Setup the monitors
    3. Save Profile 1
    4. Add profile 1 shortcut to the quick  launch..
    5. Do the same for Profile 2..!

Problem Solved!


About vijayvepa

I'm a software consultant for Software Specialists Inc. currently working at Philips Respironics, Pittsburgh

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